What is it? Does it hurt? Why should I have it done? Is it safe?

These are some of the questions asked when we was first introduced LED at Heavenly Bliss.

LED is light therapy for the skin the uses different colours and wavelengths to help treat different skin conditions.

One of the things we found really fun about LED is that NASA originally developed it for growing plants in space and then later found it helped heal wounds faster, so then beauty therapists took in on board to treat many different conditions anywhere from aging to acne.

We use a machine called SSLED and this has 7 different coloured lights for us to use.

Our favorites are:

RED- red is primarily used for anti aging (red=stimulating), ultra dry skin, damaged skin, sagging ,and tired skin .Also great the day before an event to brighten and tighten skin with no down time!

BLUE- used for acne (blue=cooling for angry skins) prevents future breakouts and fights the bacteria that causes acne, also great for sensitive skin, rosacea and stretch marks. Blue light is great to add on to our corrective peel treatment to calm the skin after its had a work out of active ingredients.

To get the best out of your LED treatment whether your wanting to correct aging, oily/problematic skin, scarring, stressed & sluggish skin or you are just wanting a brighter, more even skin tone it is best to have weekly treatments including a thorough cleanse and serum (LED will help ingredients absorb much deeper) we include a hand, foot or scalp massage and finish the treatment  with a hydrator, spf and a treatment foundation.

There is no down time with a LED treatment and you cannot feel anything (just like laying out on a warm day without the UVA and UVB rays) you will experience tighter and brighter skin after the first treatment and overall a healthier skin .

Not only will your skin benefit from LED it also releases feel good hormones like oxytocin, so a 20-30 minute session can leave you feeling happy, warm and in a more positive mood.

Our LED treatments come in packages 10 x LED = $500 for best results. This treatment is more of a mini facial.($50 per session)

You can also have single sessions $80 per session.

So why not upgrade your next facial treatment, after your pedicure, massage or add some relaxation to your monthly waxing appointment and give LED a go! You have nothing to lose.

Beauty is about enhancing what you have, so love the skin you’re in and let yourself shine through.