Skin inflammation

Skin inflammation

It can present itself in many forms which can be hard to pinpoint and treat 

It can show up as a rash, acne, dermatitis, psoriasis, infection or just about any time your skin starts to look a bit red and irritated.

There can be an array of other side symptoms when you're suffering from inflammation such as itching, stinging, dryness, raised bumps or heat coming from the area.

The inflammation starts deep within the body as a response to a trigger setting off an immune response to start healing trauma within the body.

There are many different cells within the immune system, when triggered they can release substances that widen the blood vessels and they become leaky, quickly moving to the affected area. This is why we see the redness and heat.

There are two kinds of inflammation, acute and chronic. Acute tends to only last a small amount of time no longer than 6 weeks, whereas chronic can continue beyond this and can sometimes be a life long struggle such as eczema or rosacea. 

All these can be triggered by diet, medication, environment factors, allergic reaction, topical products and unfortunately genetics.

But luckily no matter where you sit on the inflammation it can be treated and managed.

How can you treat inflammation?

Don't pick, itch or scratch the affected area.

Avoid sudden temperature change, if you can have luke warm showers, using mild, soap free cleansers. 

No harsh abrasive scrubs or anything with any harsh fragrance or perfume.

Keep the area well hydrated using calming products.

Sometimes if severe, antibiotics are needed to treat the condition or a steroid based cream.

Use products that help build up your skin immunity and barrier function to avoid future breakouts

Ingredients such as hyaluronic acid to lock in hydration. niacinamide, green tea and peptides to strengthen and rebuild the skins barrier.

Avoid foods such as sugar, alcohol, bad fats and processed food.

Eat more healthy foods like leafy greens and complex carbohydrates.

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