There is a long list of negative side affects from breaking down collagen, the substance that makes your skin look plump and youthful. 

Sugar can weaken the immune system and it's ability to fight bacteria which can lead to clogged pores and creates pimples. 

It causes glycation which presents itself as vertical lines often above the lip. Sugar can also create more testosterone leading to enlarged pores and an oilier complexion.

The recommended daily intake of sugar is pretty at about 25 grams, but most adults consume over double this amount or even triple that. 

When it's reduced from your diet you can see the benefits very quickly. In as little as just a few days you could notice less redness and irritation plus a reduction in a build up of excess fluid reducing puffiness especially around the eyes.

Most of us already try and eat less sugar but unfortunately it is in everything and alot of it we don't even realise!

While some naturally occurring sugars have their health benefits it's best to monitor how much you consume.

Foods like fruit, juices and smoothies are one of the worst things for hidden sugars.

Try and bulk out your morning smoothie by adding veg, fiber, nut butters, protein powders 

Yogurts and ice cream. These foods often try and trick consumers into believing they're healthier then they are by saying things like fat free on the packaging. Usually these have much more sugar to make up for the missing fats.

Alcohols often contain more sugars then we realise and the alcohol itself can already lead to broken capillaries and dehydration.

Simple carbohydrates like white bread and pasta break down into glucose which leads to an insulin spike, making foods like these just as bad a lollies. Try opting for whole grains and brown rice.

Have a go at lowering your sugar intake and see if you can see a difference.