The importance of sunscreen

The importance of sunscreen

The sun emits UVA and UVB, both these rays are very damaging to the skin. Penetrating into the epidermis where it can cause cells to mutate. This leads to a variety of problems from premature ageing, collagen breakdown, melanomas and skin cancers.

There are two kinds of sunscreen on the market. Physical and chemical. Physical uses minerals that reflect the light off the skin. Chemical absorbs the light and dissipates it. Chemical sunscreens have been linked to skin irritation and some ingredients have been shown to disrupt hormones.

Physical sunscreens are the safest option for the skin and the environment. All of them will contain some amount of titanium dioxide and zinc oxide. Zinc has a lot of benefits beyond sun protection. It acts as an antioxidant protecting your skin from free radicals. It has antibacterial properties helping to reduce breakouts and inflammation. Zinc even regulates cell production and turnover making it a great anti ageing ingredient.

When choosing one of these sunscreens you want to be sure they contain more than 15% zinc oxide. Any less will have less than a SPF 20. 20% zinc oxide will get you to approximately SPF 32, and this will block 97% - 98% of light.

Most importantly you have to reapply your sunscreen if you're going outside, or even just sitting next to a large window for a period of time. The number in your SPF indicates how many minutes of extra protection you get beyond how long it normally takes your skin to burn. So if you're heading out all day, take it with you and reapply!

Remember to get the back of your neck and ears as these areas are often forgotten and are where most melanomas are found. You only need 5-10 minutes of sun exposure 3 times a week to get enough vitamin D. And you can do this by exposing your arms, hands and feet.

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