The low down on collagen 

The low down on collagen 

Collagen is one of the most important proteins in our bodies, It acts as a building block for your bones, skin, muscles and teeth. Pretty much all of you!

We are made of up to 90% type 1 collagen, this keeps your skin full, plumps and wrinkle free. It also keeps your bones and nails strong, and helps build and maintain healthy joints.

There are up to 28 kinds of collagen, people primarily need types 1 ,2 and 3 depending on where in the body it is needed.

At the beginning our bodies naturally create a lot of collagen from birth until about 25 you create plenty, but from this point unfortunately, our bodies slow production right down, and by fifty production has rapidly declined and those signs of aging are hard to ignore.

This process can occur even sooner in your skin if there are lifestyle factors such as drinking, smoking and sun exposure come into play.

Which is why we need to try and prevent this by adding bonus sources and include them in our daily routine and intake.

The best place to find collagen is in the connective tissue of animal's.

You can get type 1 from chicken, pork and beef but our bodies best absorb it when it comes from a marine source.

Most supplements include collagen peptides aka hydrolyzed collagen. Which  is made of the same amino acids as collagen but it is already broken down so it is more easily absorbed by our bodies.

These supplements also often include vitamin C as naturally enhances collagen production.

There are even plant based vegan options on the market so there's no reason not to try adding a bit more collagen to your diet!