Top beauty myths

Top beauty myths


Cold Water Closes Your Pores/Hot Water Opens Pores

Pores do not open and close, temperature won't have any affect on their size.

Pores can become enlarged if they are left clogged over time. They often appear larger where there is more oil flow e.g. forehead and nose. 

Prolonged sun exposure can permanently dilate pores, over time the collagen and elastin supporting the area breaks down, and they start to sag.

You can diminish their appearance using retinols and acids.


Your Skin Needs To Breathe

We're not sure where this myth started but its a compete misconception that your skin needs to breathe, it doesn't breathe.

You can use your skincare  products or make up every day if you wish. As long as you use non-comedogenic products and remove make up correctly, it won't have any negative implications on your skin 


Nail Polish Stops Your Nails From Breathing.

Same as above this one simply isn't true. Your nails are already dead cells. If a nail plate was breathing. Nails don’t require oxygen, their nutrition goes through capillaries under the cuticle.

You nail may become damaged from excessive filing or discolored from frequent polish.


Oil Causes Breakouts

A lot of people with acne prone skin are told that oil can cause breakouts. 

This couldn't be further from the truth, keeping your skin correctly hydrated can diminish acne, there is no need to opt for an oil free lotion to help fight breakouts.

Often this includes being told to avoid oil in your diet as well, which is also incorrect.


You Should Exfoliate Every Day 

Using an exfoliant every day may feel good now, but chances are you're causing more harm than good. 

You can strip your skins natural oils leaving you dry and dehydrated. Over a long period of time this can cause your skin to become inflammed  and thin.

A few times a week is plenty.


Which beauty myths do you want to hear about?