Why is my skin struggling in isolation ?

Why is my skin struggling in isolation ?

Change in diet, it's very likely that you have been having a few too many naughty snacks since we've been in isolation at home. Everyone has turned into a baker since we've been inside . Too many sugars and carbohydrates along with not drinking  enough water can lead to inflammation and dehydration.

Increased alcohol consumption, it's been on the news that our alcohol purchases have more than doubled since entering isolation. Alcohol deeply dehydrates the skin which ages the skin in general.

Alcohol also creates a histamine reaction causing red inflamed skin.

Disrupted sleep and stress have been linked to aggravating many conditions such as acne, dermatitis and rosacea.

Heating and cooling is drying for the skin.

Heading into the cooler /warmer month's  and being inside/outside with the heater/cooler on, sitting in an overly dry environment which is in turn drying our skin. If you're noticing this I'd recommend a humidifier.

A lot of people have stopped wearing a SPF  because they are not going outside, but if you're sitting next to a window for any amount of time you are still getting sun damage. Keep using an SPF  in your morning skinroutine.

Also get outside, exercise reduction can compromise the skin’s microbiome and stress response leaving you with an unhealthy skin.

How can we fix this?

Be a little bit more conscious of eating a healthy diet and cutting out the bad stuff. Get outside and go for a walk. Over haul your skin care routine. 

Start doing chemical exfoliation 2 - 3 times a week to really be sure you're getting rid of any dead skin cells. 

Apply a face mask twice a week, most have hydrating ingredients to add more moisture back to into your skin.

And be sure to cleanse and treat at least once, but preferably twice a day if you want to achieve glowy perfect skin.

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