Why you need to cleanse your eyelash extensions!

Why you need to cleanse your eyelash extensions!


Naturally, your skin secretes oil and if you naturally have oily skin, then it’s even more important that you do not skip this step! Oil is no friend of eyelash extensions as it interferes with the bond of the glue which means your extensions will fall out sooner. This should not be your biggest worry though. Allowing oils, dust, dead skin and makeup to be trapped and build up on your lashes can clog your follicles and lead to nasty eye infections. Not sure if you all know this but we have harmless microscopic parasites called demodex folliculitis which live happily on our lashes. However poor hygiene will result in these lash-mites multiplying as they feed on oils and dead skin cells causing both extensions and natural lashes to fall out, increase the risk of sensitivity and allergic reactions. 

So please follow all after-care advice and instructions given by your lash technician as we’d love you to keep getting your regular refills.

If you’re unsure of how to cleanse your lashes, I’ve provided a step-by-step guide using an oil-free foaming lash cleanser every 2-3 days.

Step 1: Untangle your lashes by brushing them.

Step 2: Pump some cleanser onto your brush and cleanse your lash line as this is where most of the build-up will be.

Step 3: Rinse away cleanser with some warm water.

Step 4: Lightly pat dry with clean face towel. Please avoid any rubbing.

Step 5: Finish off by brushing them with your clean mascara wand.