NEUROCOSMEDICS- Flash White Even Skin Booster

NEUROCOSMEDICS- Flash White Even Skin Booster

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Combines a leave-on exfoliation a new generation pigment regulator and a flash action this even skin tone serum promotes skin brightening and reduces pigmented spots.

  • Gentle on all skin types
  • Recommended as a tyrosinase inhibiter before skin treatments
  • Works on the surface to lighten
  • Also works skin deep to prevent further discolouration
  • A hybrid product, offering immediate skin whitening and skin correction in one

How to use:

Apply onto a cleansed and dry face, neck and décolletage morning and night. For best results follow with AAA & Brightening Cream.

Key Ingredients:

NEURODEFENCE COMPLEXTM – Originates from Brown Algae and is an oligosaccharide that revolutionises skin health by directly targeting the aging of nerve endings to protect a healthy communication between nerves and fibroblasts supporting collage and elastin synthesis; ultimately reducing lines and wrinkles and reducing skin roughness.

VEDERINE® – Derived from chicory; is a restructuring active ingredient rich in oligofructosans which promotes synthesis of Vitamin D and its specific receptor and enables skin to recover optimum epidermal barrier without sun exposure.

PRISTINIZER® – A botanical active known as the “fragrant star” shields the skin and its cells against damage from pollution via antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and detoxifying actions whilst increasing cell survival.

BIOGOMMAGE® – The first biodegradable skin exfoliating particles using safe-scrub technology which acts as a “smart sensor” which means if you rub too hard on the skin particles start dissolving ensuring a gentle exfoliation function (resulting in uniform exfoliation without irritation).

BRIGHTENYL® – A new generation skin melanoregulator which acts as a natural anti- inflammatory tyrosinase inhibiter with an instant antioxidant effect to give the skin a brighter tone, lighten skin discolouration, decrease redness, even skin tone and correct of pigment disorders

FLASHWHITE SPHERES® – Instant white filter; delivery of natural brightening extracts (Vitamin C-rich), Cucumber and Lemon.