R.E.R Eye Serum

R.E.R Eye Serum


  • Eye-lifting serum that visibly firms and lifts contours and reduces puffiness
  • Promotes regeneration to improve skin density
  • Lessens the appearance of dark circles
  • Combats the visible signs of skin damage from sun and ageing

Brighten the area around your eyes with R.E.R. EYE SERUM™. Visibly firms and lifts contours and lessens the appearance of puffiness and dark circles. Use the handy rollerball pen to apply the eye-lifting serum at night to instantly cool and comfort tired eyes.

How to Use

Only a thin layer (1/2 rice grain per eye) of our eye-lifting serum needs to be applied to the delicate eye area. Recommended twice daily (AM and PM) for advanced wrinkles around the eyes. Or once daily for prevention.

  • First, cleanse your skin with Tri Phase Cleanser.
  • Press button to express some serum onto the ball, and gently massage around the eye region.
  • Follow with your selected corrector and moisturiser on the other parts of your face to complete your routine.

If irritation occurs, stagger the use to alternate nights or every third night.

Wait 24 hours after DP procedure to recommence use.

Not recommended for daily use during pregnancy.